Our exclusive coworking property in Aundh is nestled within a lush green environment. It is an ideal blend of contemporary design with serene surroundings, forming the perfect atmosphere for productivity and creativity. This space provides you with plenty of natural light through its open and airy layout. The interior is thoughtfully designed, with modern furnishings and cutting-edge technology, to create an inspiring and comfortable work environment. 



CC&Co Collaborative Pvt. Ltd

New to coworking spaces?​

Here are our different models explained in simple words!

Flexi Desk

Our Flexi Desk option offers the utmost flexibility and is ideal for teams of 1-4 persons. Each day you enter CC&Co, you can be sure that you will have a workspace available, whether you're working alone or in a small group. The location might change from day to day but you'll always have a comfortable workstation to call your own.

Private Studios

Within our premium coworking space, our unmatched private studios are the standard of excellence and contemporary infrastructure. These thoughtfully designed studios radiate sophistication and provide a perfect fusion of comfort and modernity.

Weekend Pass

Our weekend pass option at CC&Co. provides a unique space for you to work comfortably and effectively throughout the weekend. You'll have access to our coworking space on Saturdays and Sundays. Membership also gives you access to all of our coworking space's benefits and extras, like high-speed internet and printing capabilities. So why stay home alone on the weekends when you can join us at CC&Co. and complete your work in style?

Day Pass

Your last-minute needs can be met by our day pass option. This pass enables you to come by and enjoy our coworking space for a day, regardless if you're in town for a quick trip or just need a change of scenery. All of the amenities at our coworking space are available to you. So say goodbye to the difficulty of working from a crowded home office or a noisy coffee shop and hello to a successful workday at CC&Co.

Registered Office

Our register office option is ideal for your company's address requirements. so, why delay? Sign up now to give your company the professional image it deserves. With our register office option, you'll get a business address that you can use for official correspondence for your organisation. You will also have access to our mail handling services, which will ensure that all of your important mail and packages are received, sorted, and safely stored until you are ready to pick them up.

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