12 May 2021

Ways to make your workspace more tranquil

A healthy working environment has an enormous impact on productivity and ability to focus, which also helps in boosting employee morale. Here are some tips to make your workspace a better place. The best part is, a few minor adjustments can produce the best results.

Organized and clutter-free desk

A desk where you use papers, equipments directly related to your current task, helps in getting the work done in a hassle-free manner. De-cluttering has a tremendous impact on your stress levels and creativity, as a clear and a calm mind is necessary for arduous tasks.

Go green

Adding a little green in form of oxygen generating plants at your workspace helps to clean stale air, reduces noise levels as they absorb sound, thus making it a more inviting space.

Quality comfortable furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is specifically designed for comfort and posture by aligning spine and preventing work-related injuries. Caring for employee’s posture and well-being increases workplace happiness.


A chance to bring your furry friend to the office, surely has a positive mental impact as it helps in avoiding burnouts and loneliness. As pets can pick up our stress levels, it is also important for us to pay attention to them.

Personalise your space

Sticking family photos, posting goals on a whiteboard, a fun mouse-pad, colourful paperclips, and some DIY art paintings/ drawings, dream jar, beautiful desktop wallpapers are some of the ways we can personalise our workspace. Also, working in a illuminated ambiance boosts our sense of satisfaction.

Considering the current pandemic world remote working has increased leading to co-working spaces in demand. CoCreaters & company (CC & CO) provides storage facilities to store all the important documents, thus helping to keep the desk clean and organised. Besides, it has got beautiful plants in the cabins as well as in the cafeteria which makes it a welcoming place. Besides co -workers are also permitted to bring their furry friends along thus helping to create a relaxing, friendly environment.

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